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Hi JUiO, Who Are You?

Juio is a marketing firm offering anything from Grassroots Brand Activation to Creative Marketing Planning.  The firm has a professional creative team and 5 marketing managers managing 34 community consultants across the country and is the leading marketing firm in Canada for the Caribbean, African and Latin American markets.


Although the firm has been tied for a number of years to its marketing efforts with multinational Western Union, Juio is active in the pharmaceutical industry managing marketing for TIPT, the ORX drug brand and has also worked with clients such as Grace Kennedy, one of the Caribbean’s largest and most dynamic corporate entities.

JUiO Vision
We truly understand the unique complexities of the customer/Brand relationship in the market place.  With that understanding we are able to build simple, intelligent elegant promotional programs that, grow your brand. We embrace the need to achieve results, through incisive, strategic thinking and simple, fresh creative ideas.
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We are constantly on the lookout for talented capable people. If you think you have what it takes then contact us.

  We have a project team approach which brings creative teams, planners and account management together with the client. Each project team operates like a mini agency within an agency. It helps keep us grounded, nimble and able to execute our ideas across any channel.


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